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Interested in Writing?

Member applications are currently closed. However, we are accepting submissions to our blog!

Blog submissions should be between 600–1200 words, with full Chicago-style citations and bibliography. These should be a final draft, but we may request edits before agreeing to publication. You may write these as casually as you would like—remember, our goal is to make history accessible!


Submit your articles here!

Formal Membership

Here is an abridged version of positions. We encourage you to send an email to if you have any questions or would like more details about the positions before you apply.



  • Provide content edits and copy edits to articles

  • Meet with writers to discuss articles

  • Lower time commitment

    • Minimal attendance requirements. Great for asynchronous participation!



  • A chance to publish in either our print issue or on our website

  • Meet with editors and designers working on your piece

  • Medium time commitment

    • Attend meetings and workshops during the writing period of production



  • Use InDesign to design spreads for each issue

    • Adobe Suite experience (Photoshop, Illustrator) accepted

  • Medium time commitment

    • Attend weekly design meetings


Hybrid Roles

  • Higher time commitment

  • Any of these roles can be merged for a larger experience in Magazine Production

    • We recommend merging editor + writer positions, and editing in your off-issue

    • Editor + Designer positions are also possible, as work throughout the semester is relatively spread out.


E-Board Positions are available for existing members.

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