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Founded in August 2020, we were born out of frustration. For the casual history lover who can be particularly opinionated, it seems that there's rarely a place to do so—save for starting a blog and ranting to approximately 3 real people and several bots. 

We at the Archive are a collection of history lovers with something to say. All of our pieces are chosen by the writers themselves, so they come to the issue straight from the heart.

​We aim to challenge the assumption that history is boring by providing articles, art, and games that fully illustrate the vibrancy of the field.

William McClelland


Will is an LSA senior studying Classical Civilization, History, and the fine art of how to make the perfect chicken taco. When he's not running the Archive, he can be found acting & directing with the RC Players, practicing Greek & Latin, or talking at length about the Magnus Archives.


William McClelland, Editor-in-Chief

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Genesis Gonzales, Publicity Chair


Kit McDaniel, Writer

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Genesis Gonzales, Writer

Nadir Gerber, Writer/Editor

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Founded by: Julia Kravchenko & Celine Rajoulh    -       Class of 2022

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